If you hate the cold, this is for you…

“It’s -65 degrees today in Minnesota, I wish I was there.”  Rest assured no one anywhere is saying that today.  Why?  Because no one loves being cold.  So why does whole body cryotherapy continue to gain popularity across the country?  After all isn’t a cryotherapy treatment far colder than it would ever be outside?  Here’s the deal – yes, it’s colder but no you won’t hate it.

Why?  It’s all about the delivery and the dosage of the cold you’re being exposed to.  Jump in an ice bath and you’ll be wet, freezing and miserable.  This can help but the delivery system is challenging.  Stand outside in the cold for a long time  and you’ll start to shiver while wishing you were inside by a fire.  Not fun because it’s too long being uncomfortable.  But what if you were exposed to cold for just long enough that you derived enormous health benefits but not long enough for it to bother you?  That’s what Mile High Cryotherapy offers.

Our cryo-sauna uses liquid nitrogen to cool the air around you so that it feels like a cool breeze.  This makes the delivery of the cold painless and easy.  You will stand in the sauna as it cools to about -260 degrees for 3 minutes.  This makes the dosage extremely brief while being hundreds of times more effective than ice packs or ice baths.

As intense as it may sound to be exposed that level of cold, it isn’t.  3 minutes flies by and that period is just long enough for your body to react the way we want it to.  Specifically, by producing anti-inflammatory, endorphin, hormone and metabolic responses that can benefit you in a multitude of ways.  Best of all, the experience itself is amazing!!  You’ll enjoy selecting a pair of our over-sized slippers and will look forward to your heated robe and coffee or tea when you’re done.

No one likes the cold, but we all like being in pain, performing at less than our potential, sleeping poorly and having low energy far less don’t we?  For this reason, even if you or your friends don’t like feeling cold, we want you to experience cryotherapy because with just a little bit of cold you can start feeling amazing!

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