Cryotherapy is a popular treatment for those seeking improved athletic performance, relief from painful inflammation and numerous rejuvenating properties.

Athletic Performance

While an ice pack can be used to reduce inflammation over a specific area, a visit to the cryosauna causes an oxygen and enzyme boost in the blood resulting in a more powerful, longer lasting anti-inflammatory response affecting the entire body. Athletes are an obvious fit for cryosauna therapy because it rapidly reduces muscle soreness, speeds muscle recovery, and facilitates the ability to perform at a higher level more frequently. It is increasingly used by professional athletes to speed recovery between competitions.

Pain Relief & Health

Whole body and partial body cryotherapy increases oxygen within the body’s blood and cells. This produces an immediate release of endorphins and anti-inflammatory markers. The effects are amazing. Patients find pain relief from inflammatory conditions affecting joints or muscles, including auto-immune diseases, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

In addition, many people report improved mood, a reduction in stress and anxiety, better sleep, and increased overall energy.


As an added benefit, cryotherapy produces beautifying benefits; blood vessels and capillaries of the skin constrict and dilate, causing toxins to break down and be shuttled away. This aids in the removal of fatty deposits and the reduction of cellulite, while increasing collagen and improving skin elasticity. Additionally, whole body and partial body cryotherapy helps weight loss by triggering an immediate heat response that elevates a person's metabolic rate, resulting in an average of an additional 400-800 calories burned in the following 24 hours.