10 Most frequently asked questions about cryotherapy

Today I’d like to share with you some of the most frequent questions I am asked about Mile High Cryotherapy from those that haven’t yet tried our services.


How can cold help me?

A brief exposure to extreme cold causes a fight or flight response that triggers natural healing reactions within your body such as anti-inflammatory responses, endorphin release, elevated metabolic rate, increased biochemical activity and boosted immune function.  These reactions translate into less pain, better function and an improvement in overall health.

Does it hurt?

People usually associate cold treatments with things such as ice baths or standing in freezing weather; neither of which are pleasant.  Our cryo-sauna uses liquid nitrogen to cool the air around you. You feel more of a cool breeze than frigid cold.  This provides the benefits of an ice bath ten-fold in a fraction of the time and without the discomfort.

I don’t like being cold, will I be able to handle this?

Very few people like being cold or have a tolerance for it.  Most of our clients are not accustomed to being cold but still enjoy the treatment.  Plus, you will be given gloves, socks, and slippers so you will never be uncomfortable or experience any pain.  Regardless of whether you like cold or not, the process is relaxed, and you will like the results.

How long does my treatment need to be for me to get results?

Treatments are never longer than 3 minutes and can be as short as 2.  That is all it takes for your body to respond with the appropriate physiological reactions that will help improve your health and wellbeing.  You’ll never need more than that.

Do I need to work out before I come?

Cryotherapy is popular among athletes and often in the media for that reason.  As a result, people often ask if they need to work out before coming in.  The answer is that while you can, you absolutely do not need to.  Personally, I love to go through a strenuous workout or race and then immediately feel better from a cryotherapy session (we have many clients that do the same).  Some prefer to visit us prior to a strenuous workout because they can train more intensely and don’t get sore afterwards.  Ultimately, it’s a preference and most people simply come in when it’s convenient for them.

How often should I come?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. Ultimately you will decide how much cryotherapy you want in accordance with your goals, lifestyle and conditions. For example, athletes often come frequently during their intense training and competition times and far less frequently in their periods of less intense work.  You will derive longer lasting benefits if you are seen on a somewhat regular basis but regardless of how often you choose to visit Mile High Cryotherapy, you will never be pressured to adhere to any specific plan.

I am claustrophobic, can I do this?

We have many clients that are claustrophobic but still enjoy our treatments.  The reason is that you will comfortably stand in a non-enclosed space with your head exposed the entire time.  There is cool music playing (we have a fun ice and fire themed playlist for you to choose music from), you’re in the room with our technician the entire time and should you wish to get out you can simply apply light pressure to the door and it will easily push open.

Should I bring warm clothes?

Whole body cryotherapy is more effective when your skin is exposed as it triggers the body to release endorphins, anti-inflammatory properties and more.  Therefore, you do not need to worry about bringing warm clothes.  We will supply everything that you need – gloves, socks, slippers and a robe to wear. Once inside the cryosauna, you will remove your robe and hand it over to our technician. After the treatment your robe will be handed back to you warm for you to put back on and your body will instantly warm back up.

What can I expect after my treatment?

The short answer is that you will feel great, but this differs for everyone.  As an example, someone with acute joint pain is more likely to notice an immediate change whereas someone else may notice benefits later.  We’ve had many people finish their session and instantly report feeling amazing while others have left feeling good but report back that they felt incredible later that day or in the days that followed.

How much does it cost?

Our per visit cost is $50 and packages are available for as few as 3 visits and as many as 20.  As the number of visits increases obviously the cost per visit decreases.

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