3 amazing “side effects” of cryotherapy

When we think of side effects we normally think of the extensive list of horrible things that are listed off over 20 seconds at that end of many drug commercials.  When the list starts with “tell your doctor if you experience…” you generally know it’s not great.  Today however, I’d like to discuss the 3 most common POSITIVE side effects I see from the use of cryotherapy.  I am basing this list off my own experiences as well as those of my patients and clients that visit Mile High Cryotherapy.

  1. Pain relief.  It sucks to be in pain, plain and simple.  Thankfully, the anti-inflammatory properties of cryotherapy can instantly decrease pain.  Many times, I have seen people limp into our machine in distress only to then walk effortlessly out the door after their treatment.  Pain can come from different causes but in most cases, cryotherapy can help!
  2. Recovery. Have you ever found that you’re still experiencing swelling and soreness in an ankle that you sprained weeks ago?  Or had a surgery and wished your physical therapy rehab was progressing faster?  How about noticing that the intensity of your workouts is lagging due to muscle soreness and fatigue?  The great news is that cryotherapy can help!  The cold temperature of cryotherapy causes vasoconstriction of peripheral tissues which sends oxygenated, nutrient and enzyme rich blood to your internal organs.  After you exit the sauna, the body begins warming up again and this blood is returned to your muscles and joints.  This process speeds all forms of recovery tremendously.
  3. Improved sleep. Your body is a sophisticated machine that can become overwhelmed as it deals with stress, pain, etc.  Cryotherapy helps to reduce pain, increase endorphins and boost hormone production; all of which help decrease the burden on the body.  This allows a person to more easily relax and therefore get and stay sleep.  I would estimate that since opening our clinic in September of last year, at least 70% of all pour clients report better sleep from their cryotherapy treatments.

At Mile High Cryotherapy we have hundreds of clients that utilize our facility for a variety of reasons, the reasons stated above are only a few of the most common reasons why.  For more information or to schedule appointments please visit our website at www.milehighcryo.com, on Facebook @milehighcryotherapy or simply call (303) 794-2796.


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Dr. Kenney

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