5 Common myths about cryotherapy

By Dr. Matthew Kenney


Below are 5 common myths we hear about often regarding cryotherapy.

  1. Cryotherapy is only for people who like the cold.  A cryotherapy session involves a brief, but comfortable exposure to extreme cold to produce physiological reactions that help the body.  Most of our clients at Mile High Cryotherapy don’t love the cold but they enjoy receiving cryotherapy and certainly the results they gain from it.
  2. You must work out or be an athlete to do cryotherapy. While it is certainly true that reducing inflammation and improving recovery makes cryotherapy popular among athletes, it has various other benefits.  If you were to read our reviews you would see that many people use cryotherapy to help them sleep better, for hormonal issues, surgical recovery, pain relief, weight loss and immune boosting among others.
  3. If you are claustrophobic, you cannot do cryotherapy. Our clinic selected our cryotherapy tank specifically with this in mind.  Our unit allows you to stand comfortably with your head fully exposed.  Additionally, our ceilings are elevated, and the room is large, so you will never feel confined.  If you can stand in a shower and feel fine, you will be able to receive cryotherapy performed at our office.
  4. Cryotherapy is probably expensive. Cryotherapy is not expensive and our office charges a per session charge though packages can be purchased to decrease the cost.  Most of our clients use cryotherapy on an ongoing basis and opt to buy packages of anywhere from 3 to 20 visits.
  5. All cryotherapy is the same. While it’s true that cryotherapy is gaining in popularity and being offered in more and more places, not all are equal.  Our office has state of the art equipment and excellent staff but what sets us apart within the Denver area is the experience we offer.  At Mile High Cryotherapy we want you to not only receive your treatment and the benefits of cryotherapy, but we want the experience to be memorable.  We have many clients that have had cryotherapy at many locations and time and again these people tell us how different our office is.  From big cozy slippers, to fun music, to fireplaces and a selection of beverages to warm you up; we have put a lot of effort into making us not just a place to receive cryotherapy but THE place to receive cryotherapy in the Denver area!

For more information or to schedule appointments visit us at www.milehighcryo.com, on Facebook and Instagram or simply give us a call at (303) 794-2796 (CRYO)!

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