5 ‘Coolest’ client success stories

Since opening in mid-September, Mile High Cryotherapy has already experienced some amazing success stories from our clients.  Today I would like to share 5 of my favorites thus far to demonstrate some of the ways that whole body cryotherapy (WBC) can improve your health.

  1. Several weeks ago, we had a mom that had begun using cryotherapy and loved it. About a week after her first visit, her 10-year-old son developed a painful and severe rash over much of his body.  The medical doctor diagnosed him with a virus and said it would take 7 days to clear.  Knowing how much distress her son was in she asked if there was anything that could be done to help speed the recovery.  The doctor suggested an ice bath, but mom knew that would be too much for her child to tolerate (for most adults too).  Instead, she figured (correctly) that if an ice bath could work than cryotherapy may work even better but without the stinging and pain that comes with sitting in freezing water and ice.  Hours after leaving the doctor’s office, this 10-year-old boy had his first cryotherapy treatment.  Within a couple hours of that session his skin was COMPLETELY clear of the rash and skin irritation and his stomach pain was also gone.  Mom took before and after pictures which she shared with us.  If you haven’t already seen these photos I encourage you to go to our Facebook page and view them because they are truly amazing and demonstrate the power of cryotherapy on the immune system!
  2. A woman that had undergone 5 surgeries within the past year had been trying different treatments but was still in chronic, debilitating pain. After a single session she informed us she was pain free!
  3. A father with chronic back pain that had undergone multiple back surgeries had been unable to bend over for years. After a single session he could bend over and touch his toes and was able to physically play with his two young children in a way that he never could before!
  4. A woman with chronic insomnia had been unable to get to sleep or sleep through the night normally for over a decade. She now receives weekly cryotherapy sessions and falls into a deep, restful sleep without effort each night!
  5. A man (spoiler alert, it’s me) competed in a grueling race in August. The race took me nearly 8 hours to run and I hobbled around like an old man afterwards (which is usual for me following such a long race).  The next morning, I underwent a 3-minute cryotherapy session and INSTANTLY all my joint pain was gone.  Normally the residual pain from a race like that would keep me relatively immobile for up to a week but this time after using cryotherapy I was almost fully recovered within 24 hours!

Coolest Regards,

Dr. Matt Kenney

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