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Dr. Matthew Kenney

Co-Founder | Co-Owner

Dr. Matthew Kenney has been in chiropractic practice for over 12 years and is the owner of New Body Chiropractic and Wellness Center. As a lifelong athlete, he has continued to train intensely and seek out the most effective ways to optimize athletic performance. While training for an ultramarathon he sought out cryotherapy, a treatment he had heard about on podcasts many times. After a single treatment he was amazed at how it immediately helped him recover faster and perform better. These results eventually prompted him to co-found Mile High Cryotherapy with his brother-in-law, Sam Clark. It's a natural fit with his passion for helping people with health and wellness goals.

With extensive expertise in pain management, pregnancy care, pediatric treatment and enhancing athletic performance naturally; Dr. Kenney proudly serves a diverse group of patients and treats a variety of conditions on a daily basis. Dr. Kenney is excited to offer the many benefits of cryotherapy to the people of Colorado.

Sam Clark is a Colorado native and co-founder of Mile High Cryotherapy. At the age of 20, Sam started to have lower back issues, including herniated and bulging disks. He tried everything before eventually having surgery. Even after surgery, however, Sam was in the position of trying to manage his chronic pain. Doctors prescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine, all of which with negative side effects.

During a visit with Dr. Kenney, he recommended a new procedure called cryotherapy. Skeptical, Sam took the advice and drove miles to visit what was one of the state’s only whole body cryotherapy saunas. Upon arriving, Sam was in so much pain he struggled to even take off his socks and couldn’t bend to even sit down.

After only 3 minutes in a cryosauna, Sam was stunned to find that when he went back to the changing room he was actually able to touch his toes for the first time in years without any pain! Not only was his back pain improved but his entire body had never felt better. Most importantly, he was finally able to play with and lift his young children. Immediately, Sam knew he wanted to begin offering this amazing therapy to others in order to help people just like himself and Mile High Cryotherapy was born.

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Sam Clark

Co-Founder | Co-Owner

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