Are you a Pro or a Joe?

Remember that show “Pros vs. Joes” where professional athletes competed against regular people?  That title popped in my head today after someone asked me if cryotherapy was for “regular people.”

Here’s the answer and the good news – yes, cryotherapy is excellent for almost anyone.  The reason for this is that it’s based on  a physiological reaction that occurs in each of our bodies when exposed to extreme cold.  So whether you can hit a 90 mph fastball, run a 4 minute mile or just want to sleep more restfully and go on a hike with your kids; cryotherapy can help.

Here’s a small sample size from a recent day at our office.  Notice how different the people and uses are:

  • A UFC fighter preparing for a fight
  • An 11 year old athlete healing up from bumps and bruises in hockey
  • A woman using cryo to speed weight loss
  • A former NFL quarterback using cryo for ongoing health benefits
  • A woman in her mid 50’s that continues to use cryo to cure insomnia she had for decades
  • A 42 year old man using cryotherapy to decrease inflammation as he prepares for an ultra-marathon
  • A nursing mother that continues to notice increased milk production with cryo
  • A 60 year old man that uses cryo to decrease his knee and hip pain that had been chronic

These are only a few people from a single day but as you can see, there are many different types of people using it for all sorts of reasons.  This is proof that cryotherapy can help any “pro” or “Joe” and regardless of which you are, we would be thrilled to help!

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