I hurt myself…

I hurt myself.

2 days ago, I awoke in an awkward position that must have been putting a lot of pressure on my right shoulder because it was extremely sore (not usual for me) and painful in certain motions.  It loosened up a bit throughout the day but after a busy morning with my physical job it only worsened.  By the time I left the gym at lunchtime after my workout, what had been a slightly bothersome shoulder complaint was just plain painful.  In fact, each time I moved my arm I would get jolts of pain directly in the front of my shoulder.  Not fun.

Thankfully I was able to make the time to do a 3-minute cryotherapy session mid-afternoon.  After those 3 minutes my shoulder was instantly 80% better and continued to improve throughout the remainder of the day.  It was almost as if the pain and inflammation that had been so easy to trigger, simply went away while I stood in the cryo-sauna.  Though I own the business and have done cryotherapy many times, I am still amazed at how it can help people…in this case, me!

The next time you hurt yourself (and let’s face it, you will), consider coming in as soon as possible to Mile High Cryotherapy.  Often people swallow pills and wait it out only to have their injuries progressively worsen.  There is a better way though – our quick, 3-minute treatment will jump start your ability to heal and get you on the road to recovery quickly and efficiently!

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